IL Carnasciale

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Ancient fossilised bones show that the area was inhabited as long as 40,000 years BC. More recently, around 1,000 BC it was inhabited by the Etruscans and later by the Ligurians.

Jacques Heurgon, in his book ‘Vita quotidiana degli etruschi’, published in 1967 wrote: “It is in truth impressive that twice, first in the seventh century BC and again in the 15th century AD, the same region in central Italy, first as  ancient Etruria and then as modern Tuscany, has been the focus of  the Italian civilisation”.

Unfortunately the Etruscans and Ligurians lived on the ancient Roman routes to France and England ,so they were crushed by the Romans in about 180 BC. The Romans set up an important post named in Latin CAMPUS MAIOR, later turned into the Italian Campo Maggiore and later into Camaiore – our nearest town.Across this region runs the Via Francigena, used by medieval pilgrims from France and England on their way to RomeIn 1374 AD Pisa and Lucca fought against each other and so Camaiore – mid way between the two – was fortified with 13 towers and walls 9 metres tall.